EWe are an auctioneer firm who's licensed to carry out the business of repossession of properties under our client statutory mandates and goods secured by chattels mortgage throughout the Republic of Kenya.



We have developed a mechanism of collecting debts for and on behalf of our customers, which is very efficient and in the shortest time possible. Our staff members are also quite acquainted with the great task involved in investigating and establishing the whereabouts of mischievous debtors who go underground to evade settlement of their debts.



We can auction goods for and on behalf of clients such as motor vehicles, household goods which include (sofa sets, cookers, televisions, radios, fridges etc.) electronics and any items a client wants to sell. We have reliable markets for these goods and we have previously auctioned goods on and on behalf of business people, industries and many more clients engaged in varying fields of operations. We undertake these services at a negotiable commission on an agreed rate or based on net total sales within the Republic.